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Microsoft Surface

I was one of the early adopters that wanted a Surface to see what it could do and if it really would live up to the hype.  I waited anxiously for it to arrive and I've been playing with it daily.  My experience so far has been great but am still trying to figure out how to use it for my business....

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Increased NAS performance through iSCSI

M3 started implementing a large number of NAS devices over the last few years and has noticed a significant performance increase from devices configured as an iSCSI device. iSCSI has long served to connect many peripherals to servers. The most common use for iSCSI devices in the past has been with storage devices like tape drives.

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What PDA Should I Get?

Here’s a question I hear regularly “So what PDA should I get and can I connect it to our network?”  I can offer that I’ve seen just about every variation of PDA over the last 10 years from the first Blackberry’s, Treo’s, Motorola Q’s up to the most current iPhones, Droids, Windows 7 phones and the latest Blackberry’s.  They have come a long way since the first devices and are easier than ever to integrate with your corporate networks.   M3’s staff uses a combination of Blackberry’s and Droid based phones.  The iPhones, Droid’s and Windows 7 phones are by far the easiest to integrate into a corporate network because of their built in synchronization options.  They all work well with the wireless carriers in the area and have both cellular wireless connectivity (3G or 4G) and WiFi connectivity (Wireless such that you would use with your laptop to connect at home or in the office).  Each phone has their benefits and really falls on the person using it and the comfort level they have with the interface.

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