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Rackspace Cloud Migration Experience

I was originally going to write a post on the process of an e-mail migration to "The Cloud" with Rackspace. This was before I started the migration and dealing with their support where we actually paid them to assist in the migration process to "streamline" the migration.

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Backup Strategies

There are a variety of backup and restore strategies for small businesses to consider.  What is best for your business?

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Managed Service Provider Model - Should IT Company's Make the Change?

Over the last 10 years a new type of IT support company is becoming more prevalent with the old way of supporting small businesses changing to a Managed Service Provider model.  This model drastically changes the way IT support companies maintain and assist their clients.  However, is this change for the better?

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Changing Your Email Habits

Recently I read an amazing article about the management of email and how it can completely monopolize your work day if not careful.  I can’t say that I have strictly adhered to the direction in the article but I have attempted to change my habits.  Part of the study discussed how a single email you receive can completely divert your attention from the task you were doing for as long as 15 minutes, even if you are just sending a quick response.  By the time you come back to the task you have to figure out where you left off, what you were doing and re-engage.  If this happens during your whole day you can’t accomplish anything.  So here are some tips I picked up that I thought were excellent.

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